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  • Colombian Single Origin 12 oz Whole Bean
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Colombian - Single Origin

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Our Colombian Single Origin is one of our best selling coffees for good reason. Rich. Warm. Full-bodied. Colombian Single Origin is all of these. With hints of vanilla, cocoa, and a bright smack of orange, depth is the hallmark of this coffee.

- Origin Story -

We source our Colombian Single Origin from smallholder farmers in the Medellín region of Colombia. Farmers plant the beans in the volcanic loam of the Colombian mountains at over 1300 meters, giving them their uniquely Colombian taste. After harvesting the coffee is washed clean with fresh mountain water and dried with eco-friendly solar-powered driers.

Once dry, the beans are rigorously sorted to within European Preparation standards. During this process, beans with imperfections are removed, leaving the finished product ready to be roasted, ground, and brewed to make coffee we’re confident you will love.

Our Mission

Philosophy matters. Studying philosophy is one of the best ways for students of all ages to learn how to think critically and creatively – skills that are increasingly necessary in our rapidly modernizing world. Studying philosophy helps students overcome disinformation and divisiveness by giving them the tools to understand and communicate effectively about the world around them.

Everyone should have a chance to study philosophy, not just those who attend college. When you place an order with us, we donate 20% of our profits to programs dedicated to increasing people's access to philosophy education nationwide.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our coffee. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, get in touch with us, and we will refund 100% of the order, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect in the morning

Perfect in the morning.

My favorite.

Emily Monahan
A smooth roast

Excellent coffee and even better customer service! Will be purchasing from this company again.