About Our Coffee

Ethically Minded

We make sure all of our coffee is ethically sourced from smallholder and family-owned farms across the globe. All of our coffee is grown using sustainable farming practices, including sun or solar-powered drying.

Always Fresh

All of our coffee is roasted by our partners in California after you place an order with us, so that it arrives to you fresh. All orders come in bags with one way valves and tin ties to maintain product freshness for as long as possible after opening. Roast levels are chosen based upon which roast we feel brings out the best flavor profile of the relevant mix of beans.

Definitions for the various certifications of our coffee are as follows:

  • Natural Flavoring: Added flavors are extracted only from plant sources.
  • European Prep: This certification means that the relevant coffee has gone through rigorous sorting, which lowers the number of permissible defects allowed in the beans. 
  • Natural Processing: This certification refers to a drying and fermenting process the beans undergo after harvesting. Beans are left in the sun to dry and ferment inside their cherry, leaving these coffees with a fruitier flavor profile than standard processed beans.
  • Organic: This certification means that the beans that comprise this coffee grew in soil that had no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other prohibited substances applied for at least 3 years prior to harvesting.
  • Strictly High Grown: This certification is given to beans that grow in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, or Panama above 1,200 meters above sea level. Beans grown at higher altitudes tend to be denser and therefore contain more flavor per bean than their counterparts.

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To see more information about an extensive listing of coffee certifications, see this great resource published by Atlas Coffee.