Why we support philosophy education

While other disciplines can teach us what to think, philosophy teaches us how to think. In doing so, philosophy benefits students' educations and personal lives.

Unfortunately, philosophy is often overlooked in public school curricula. This means that many students are never exposed to the joys of studying philosophy. We want to help change that. When you buy our coffee, your purchase funds K-12 & public philosophy programs across the country.

  • Minorities and Philosophy

    Minorities and Philosophy

    Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) focuses on addressing, "structural injustices in academic philosophy and to remove barriers that impede participation in academic philosophy for members of marginalized groups."

  • Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization

    Philosophy Learning & Teaching Organization

    The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) aims to amend a blind spot in primary and secondary education by bringing a philosophical education to K-12 students of all backgrounds.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is an online encyclopedia comprised of over 1700 actively updated entries centered around philosophy.

  • Center for Philosophy for Children @ University of Washington

    Center for Philosophy for Children @ University of Washington

    University of Washington's Center for Philosophy for Children is a nonprofit organization which aims to increase precollege students' access to philosophy.

  • American Philosophical Association

    American Philosophical Association

    Founded in 1900, the American Philosophical Association (APA) promotes the discipline and profession of philosophy, both within the academy and in the public arena.

  • Jari Para Forest Conservation Project

    Jari Para Forest Conservation Project

    Each month, we offset all of our orders shipping CO2 footprints.

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